Vådt er Godt – Dansehallerne 2017

Vådt er Godt is a children performance designed for children in the age of 5-10 years. The perforamnce was a part of the project ‘MyPlayground– Aarhus2017 & Dansehallerne’ The theme touches the ego vs. the heart’s eternal dilemma of keeping or sharing. The ego can be healthy when we need to stand up for ourselves. … Read more


Ida Frost and Maria Ipsen about the proces and work with the clothes brand CHOPAR and the X-collection called CALCIUM 2016 Like last year’s X-Collection UPSIDE DOWN 2015 it was again important to create a collection that was authentic to CHOPAR, as a gymnastics and movement brand. At the same time we wanted to challenge … Read more


UPSIDE-DOWN kollektionen er opdelt i 3 linjer:– faldskærmsmaterialet, hvor vi har arbejdet med elementet luft og volumen.– Det grove net – hvor jord og rødderne i jorden har været omdrejningspunktet.– Rib-linjen som vender op og ned på materiale-brug og har lige dele jord og luft i sig. Koreograf Ida Frost og designer Maria Ipsen om … Read more

WWF – Earth Hour – Vertical dance 2016

Ida was a vertical dancer at ‘Earth Hour 2016’ where she performed on the wall of Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen. One story was told and unfolded through three shows in three different cities – Aalborg, Odense & Copenhagen – as people came together to raise awareness of climate change. Artistic Director: Christel Stjernebjerg Artists: … Read more

Kong Arthur, The Royale Theatre 2016

Ida was a physical performer at The Royale Theatre’ s grand outdoor piece King Arthur in Ulvedalene, Copenhagen 2016. Director: Heinrich ChristensenScenography: Palle Steen ChristensenChoreographer: Christel StjernebjergLight: Ulrik GadCostumes: Ida Marie EllekildeSounddesign: Jonas VestKomponist and song text: Kenneth Thordahl     

LightLens by Wayne McGregor 2017

Ida was a dancer & dance coordinator in the 360-degrees dance-performance at ARos in Aarhus 2017 by the English Choreographer Wayne McGregor Wayne McGregor has created a unique dance performance especially for Aarhus. LIGHTLENS involves more than 200 people from Aarhus across gender, age and culture – dancing side by side with professional dancers. The … Read more

WOMANhouse by Himherandit Production 2016+2017

WOMANHouse by Himherandit Production The WOMANhouse sees four powerfully athletic female performers transform themselves into men. Acting like typical blokes – with beards and all – they stir up fights and frenzy. Questioning masculinity in female bodies, they tear up stereotypical ideas about what it is to be a man – and about what female … Read more

Bodies In Urban Spaces by Cie Willi Dorner 2017

Bodies in Urban Spaces “bodies in urban spaces” is a temporarily intervention in diversified urban architectonical environment. The intention of “bodies in urban spaces” is to point out the urban functional structure and to uncover the restricted movement possibilities and behaviour as well as rules and limitations. By placing the bodies in selected spots the … Read more