7Steps by Company Käfig 2015

A production by Compagnie Käfig (FR), Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne and seven international dance institutions. In Denmark Dansekapellet was the collaborators.

7STEPS brings together, under the direction of Mourad Merzouki, 10 female dancers of varied personalities and nationalities, under the same European project to overcome the barriers of languages, cultures and established codes, thanks to the universality of body language.

Choreographer: Mourad Merzouki

Choreographer assistant: Kader Belmoktar

Dancers: Jennifer Bonsenge, Kloe Dean, Ida Frost, Anna Jeppesen, Samantha Mavinga, Nicole McDowall, Kaisa Nieminen, Joëlla Rahina Ramos, Djinti Sullivan, Sonja Tamminen

Co. Production: Lezarts Urbains (Belgique), Independance / b.supreme (Grande-Bretagne), Spin Off (Pays-Bas), Banlieues d’Europe (France), URB Festival / Kiasma (Finlande), Dansekapellet (Danemark)