LightLens by Wayne McGregor 2017

Ida was a dancer & dance coordinator in the 360-degrees dance-performance at ARos in Aarhus 2017 by the English Choreographer Wayne McGregor

Wayne McGregor has created a unique dance performance especially for Aarhus. LIGHTLENS involves more than 200 people from Aarhus across gender, age and culture – dancing side by side with professional dancers. The audience is experiencing the 360-degree work from ARoS’s ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’ in groups of 150 people at a time. The audience is given a set of headphones, which plays the soundscape of the performance. On stairs, on roofs, in parks and in the backyard you can see dancers, who make the audience discover the city in a new way. The audience are also given a tablet where they click on a colour, which matches the rainbow. The tablet shows a short dance-film on selected architecture in Aarhus.