Vådt er Godt – Dansehallerne 2017

Vådt er Godt is a children performance designed for children in the age of 5-10 years. The perforamnce was a part of the project ‘MyPlayground– Aarhus2017 & Dansehallerne’

The theme touches the ego vs. the heart’s eternal dilemma of keeping or sharing. The ego can be healthy when we need to stand up for ourselves. The ego can also be a nice thing when you compete or fight for medals. But often the ego is unhealthy, unfair and tough to both others and one self. The Ego can arouse jealousy, greed, anger and condemnation.

The heart is the goodness in us and contains an uncritical immediacy. The heart can be playful, giving and rewarding, but can also be silly, naive and spontaneous.

The meeting between the characters lies in the tension between the two poles where the compromise provides room for cohesion and sharing. The two characters fight for a bottle of water – They can be seen as one person – an inner struggle between the Ego vs. The heart or insecurity vs. safety. The character can also be quite narratively seen as two separate characters that starts in full contact with each of their ego, but when someone or something laughs at them in the middle of the game, they realize how unconstructively their struggle is. They relate to each other and cohesion and learn to share.

Choreographers and performers: Søren Thøgersen & Ida Frost