Ocean of our Motion by DeLeónCompany 2017

Ocean of Our MotionOutside it is getting darker in the most beautiful, slow, slightly melancholic way. Looking into the secrets of darkness we find the beauty of light, movement and relationship. Choreographer: Jens BrøndumDancers: Frederik Levin, Ida Frost, Ina Overgaard, Karoline Gammelgaard, Marine Vaillant, Luise Emilia, Sofie Haugaard, Lærke Ilkjær, Jens Schyth, Maria Ipsen, Adam Tocuyo, Stina Strange Thue DeLeónCompany is a Copenhagen based … Read more

Slowing Down by My Lindblad Szlavik 2018

Step inside a time wrap where you allow everything to go a bit slower. Where time can be stretched, and a start -and finish point stop existing. How would it feel to have more time – more hours in a day. In what tempo do you live your life today?These questions is to be investigated … Read more

Midt Om Natten Musical 2018 + 2020

Midt Om Natten Musical is created on the base of the original film screenplay by Kim Larsen, Erik Balling and Henning Bahs. Producers are: Langkjær Entertainment, Live Nation and Tivoli Instruktør: Heinrich ChristensenScenograf: Marie DaliKoreograf: Peter Friis og Sofie Akerø CastGustav Wolter, Troels Malling, Lise Baastrup, Allan Mortensen, Pernille Højmark, David Owe, Mikkel Vadsholt, Lea … Read more