Kristján Ingimarsson Company – Liberty 2023

MEDVIRKENDE Performere: Kristján Ingimarsson, Ida Frost og Mads Emil Duelund Hansen Iscenesættelse: Kristjan Ingimarsson Scenograf: Kristian Knudsen Lyddesign: Mikkel Larsen Lysdesign: Erik Lindkvist LIBERTY præsenteres i et samarbejde mellem Kristján Ingimarsson Company og Pavillon K LIBERTY er en forestilling om jagten på den originale idé med kreativiteten som drivkraft, om lysten til at udtrykke sig, og nødvendigheden af at være tro imod … Read more

Kristján Ingimarsson Company – Room 4.1 2023

At Copenhagen Stage 2023 Climb into the head of a desperate director and experience distorted, weightless characters in a nightmarish drama in a 360-degree hospital room. You are on set of a web series that will renew the way we experience theater. The story is simple: a man escapes from an overwhelming reality. You get … Read more

Malmø Live – Infruset Själens Skrubbsår 2022

A theatre Koncert by Björn Dixgaard and Moqi Simon Trolin together with Malmø Live Director: Moqi Simon Trolin Scenographer: Eilev Skinnarmo Conductor: Daniela Musca Front singer: Björn Dixgård Co singer: Arja Saijonmaa, Milton Felländer, Jacqline MossbergNew Circus artist: Ida Frost Together with Malmö SymfoniOrkester and Malmø Choir led by Caroline Damkör

BLOOM – Kristján Ingimarsson Company 2022

Co-produced by Teater Nordkraft, Hålogaland Teater & Reykjavik City Theatre. Premieres in Aalborg, DK – January 25th 2022 BLOOM is a study of the woman in 2021. The all female cast of 5 have co-created the material and expression of the performance. Hilarious embarrassments mix with heartbreaking fragility and raw power. True to Kristján Ingimarsson’s … Read more

Robin Hoods Hjärta, Malmø Stadsteater 2022

Ida was a physical performer in Malmø Stadsteaters production of Robin Hood. Director: Ronny Danielsen Scenographer: Rikke Juellund Choreographer: Roger Lybeck Music & Komposition: Mathias Venge & Martin Östergren

STRIKT – by My Lindblad Szlávik 2019

Nyt scenisk samarbejde mellem koreograf My Lindblad Szlavik og komponisterne Maria Laurette Friis & Jørgen Teller. En firkant, et begrænset rum i rummet –  en metafor for en sikker og tryg zone. Så længe du bevæger dig inde i firkanten er du sikker, men så snart du forlader den er du eksponeret for det ukendte … Read more

Morph – Kristján Ingimarsson Company 2019

MORPH co produced with AArhus Theatre. Morph is a close frisk of human behaviour. Is there a new normal? And what happens when logic can’t keep up with the transformative flow of life anno 2017? In MORPH Kristján is ready to present a radical other aesthetic expression, but still with his significant style of physical … Read more

Disneys Musical Tarzan Fredericia Teater 2018 / 2019

Ida was a dancer, acrobat and arial artist in Fredericia’s edition of Disneys Musical Tarzan. Director & Choreographer: Lynne  Kurdziel FormatoCo-choreographer & aerial director: Christel Stjernebjerg Co-Choreographer & aerial assistent: Sita BhullerHead of aerial design: Troels Frydensberg

Totem Entertainment 2015-2018

Ida has worked as one of the permanent performers in Totem Entertainment now called Idea Nordic.She has performed at several events with the team and among others travelled to Croatia, Ibiza and Maldives to perform.