FROSTPerformanceCompany was founded in 2015 by artistic director Ida Frost. 

The company works within the field of dance, new circus and physical theater and always in a cross over collaboration with for example visuels artists and musicians.

Ida Frost is the founder and choreographer of the Company. The performances in the Company are inspired from what ever life is contributing of reflections, experiences, feelings and from that sculptural pictures and small movements or acts is drawn from that.

In the development these pictures and ideas are then being unfolded, expanded and further re-created. Always with the dancers, musicians and other artists on board in the project. 

An honest, relevant and including piece of interdisciplinary Art on stage.

‘It is a collective process where each artist brings in his or her own expression. In a collective combination a whole new expression then blossoms. That is the attempt and artist interest in the Company’. 

ATÉ 2021

ATÉ er en tværæstetisk performance iscenesat af koreograf Ida Frost. Forestillingen blander nycirkus, contortion og trapez, af Elise Bjerkelund Reine, dans af Ida Frost, audiovisuel kunst af SLØR/My Lambertsen og live musik komponeret af den dansk/norske folk-sanger og komponist Jullie Hjetland ATÉ blev af oldtidens grækere opfattet som en gudinde eller en kraft, der forblindede … Read more

Things I did 2015

Things I did 2015 Performance-duet for young audience and children at Dansekapellet 2014 The piece evolves around the theme of finding yourself in constantly meeting with yourself in the mirror and getting confronted with all facets inside you. The two non-gender performers are one person who struggles to find the capacity to in the embrace … Read more

Must Be A Devil Between 2015

Must Be a Devil Between Us is a piece created through a 24-hour research process between the choreographers and the performers. The piece seeks to enlighten the theme of borders as a personal and cultural concept; How are borders affected, restructured and changed? What happens when borders are being destroyed or even reconstructed? How can borders … Read more

Desert-Dessert 2016

Choreographer: Taouben Amzourou & Ida FrostPerformers: Taouben Amzourou & Ida Frost Desert-dessert is vol.1 out of two pieces (Vol. 2 are Riders On the Storm), which deals with our relationship to time and destinations. Working around the saying and the paradocs; ‪The grass is always greener on the other side . The piece asks the question … Read more

Riders On The Storm 2017

Riders on The Storm is vol. 2 out of two pieces, which deals with our relationship to time and destinations. In Vol. 1, Desert-Dessert, Ida stages two performers. Riders On the Storm on the other hand is a big piece with 28 female dancers. They move controlled in a forward direction with Alan Watt’s philosophical … Read more

We Are Not Unique 2018 / 2019

Premiere the 1th of August 2018 at Teater Momentum as part of LA PETITE ENTRÈ Dancefestival Odense.We Are Not Unique is an experience-design in three acts consisting of a documentary staging, a live performance and the event Switch Off & Dance. The piece investigates the concept of freedom anno 2017 and illustrates how this is interpreted in … Read more