Desert-Dessert 2016

Choreographer: Taouben Amzourou & Ida Frost
Performers: Taouben Amzourou & Ida Frost

Desert-dessert is vol.1 out of two pieces (Vol. 2 are Riders On the Storm), which deals with our relationship to time and destinations. Working around the saying and the paradocs;

The grass is always greener on the other side .

The piece asks the question of whether you will ever be satisfied? Will you ever discover that you actually managed to achieve your destination, or are you at that point, already in the process of achieving another new and better destination?

The performance involves a text from Oliver Twist:
“More… Everyone always wants more, don’t they?
Even them with more wants more.
But not everyone can have more, can they?
There’s not enough to go round.
There’s never been enough to go round round here. 
You see if your smart, you work out how to become one of the haves,
rather than one of the have-nots”