We Are Not Unique 2018 / 2019

Premiere the 1th of August 2018 at Teater Momentum as part of LA PETITE ENTRÈ Dancefestival Odense.
We Are Not Unique is an experience-design in three acts consisting of a documentary staging, a live performance and the event Switch Off & Dance.
The piece investigates the concept of freedom anno 2017 and illustrates how this is interpreted in context with the need of being unique, the fear of copying and the choice as a constant and inevitable factor.
Thanks to Statens Kunstfond, Odense Kommunes kulturpulje and Teater Momentum for supporting the project

Choreographers: Annika Kompart & Ida Frost
Performers: Annika Kompart & Ida Frost
Sound -& Visual designer: My Lambertsen