Riders On The Storm 2017

Riders on The Storm is vol. 2 out of two pieces, which deals with our relationship to time and destinations.

In Vol. 1, Desert-Dessert, Ida stages two performers. Riders On the Storm on the other hand is a big piece with 28 female dancers. They move controlled in a forward direction with Alan Watt’s philosophical words in the background. The research was to play with the aspects of motion in an abstract direction vs. motion with a direct target and direction. Eg. the movement of the hat in the waves that the visuals shows.

Choreographer: Ida Frost
Dancers: Louise Østergaard Andersen, Benedikte Capion, Signe Bønlykke, Lotte Bork, Lise Ryttersgaard, Rikke Mørk, Stina Strange, Sanna Olsen, Mette Nagel, Lea Møller, Camilla Rueløkke, Katrine Svensson, Maria Ipsen, Nanna Rønde, Laura Kirk, Katrine Myrup, Anna Kinoshita, Laura Ballentin, Katrine Kæmsgaard, Camilla Tolstrup, Mette Lykke, Sofie Schaarup, Maja Møller, Maiken Christensen, Karoline Sofie Lee, Louise Kruse, Louise Stensig, Stine Franker, Anne Hviid