Must Be A Devil Between 2015

Must Be a Devil Between Us is a piece created through a 24-hour research process between the choreographers and the performers. The piece seeks to enlighten the theme of borders as a personal and cultural concept;

How are borders affected, restructured and changed? What happens when borders are being destroyed or even reconstructed? How can borders create and affect our social relationships, our belonging to certain places, each other and ourselves? Each performer navigates in a personal room created by long elastic bands – the borders. At first the dancers navigate and move individually but as time goes, each performer gets affected by the borders that change and move. “Must Be a Devil Between Us” leaves a lot of unanswered questions hanging in the air hoping to open up for a discussion and dialogue about personal and cultural borders at the same time as being a piece researching and enlightening the theme through movement and the simple scenography of strings.

Choreographers: Laura Nyhus Kirk and Ida Frost

Performers: Jens Brøndum, Stina Strange, Mette Refshauge, Benedikte Capion, Mathias Skole, Camilla Rueløkke, Taouben Amzourou, Lærke Poulsen