Ocean of our Motion by DeLeónCompany 2017

Ocean of Our Motion
Outside it is getting darker in the most beautiful, slow, slightly melancholic way. Looking into the secrets of darkness we find the beauty of light, movement and relationship.

Choreographer: Jens Brøndum
Dancers: Frederik LevinIda FrostIna OvergaardKaroline Gammelgaard, Marine VaillantLuise EmiliaSofie HaugaardLærke IlkjærJens Schyth, Maria Ipsen, Adam TocuyoStina Strange Thue

DeLeónCompany is a Copenhagen based contemporary dance company founded in 2013 by choreographer Jens Schyth Brøndum
DeLeónCompany works from an intuitive need of moving based on a very physical improvisation techniques.
DeLeón´s pieces are presenting the body in an always moving, dynamic form that invites the audience into a collected poetic universe of physicality in close relation to the soundscape and light